The brand you know as Versace is actually Gianni Versace, named after the man who founded this stylish brand in 1978.

The Versace brand you know is the product a highly creative designer of unique style: well tailored, innovative, aggressive and youthful. The designs are eye-catching and charismatic but never unrefined. 

When Donatella Versace, Gianni’s sister, took the reigns of the Versace company after her brother’s murder, she continued their men’s and women’s product lines, and she also developed the brand into a wider range of markets, such haute couture under the Atelier Versace brand, as well as home design goods and accessories, including eyewear. 

You will immediately recognize authentic Versace eyewear when you see it. Every pair of eyeglasses has the famous Versace logo -- an elaborate combination of an intricate Medusa head and Greek key design – on the stems at the temple. Knock-off versions of these glasses cannot reproduce the Versace logo to perfection, and so for real luxury and a statement of who you are, opt for the Versace brand of eyewear. 

Versace is the rock and roll brand of fashion design because the celebrities who wear Versace have included Lady Gaga, Eric Clapton, George Michael, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and even royalty from Wales and Monaco. The designs speak of confidence, elegance, character, and sex appeal – everything you would expect from powerful celebrities. 

The Versace eyewear for men is designed to be bold, powerful and confident, and the brand does not disappoint. Donatella has turned her direct attention to the women’s line of eyewear, and you can see her hand in the creation of expressive eyewear embellished with crystals, metal work, a myriad of colors, and ornate details. 

You’ll still find that same boldness, power and confidence in the women’s line of Versace eyewear. The Versace frames for men and women are offered in a variety of colors and materials, and you can count on the eyewear complementing your particular style. Versace is uniquely fashionable and in vogue. 

The Versace brand of eyewear comes in a variety of innovative lens styles and shapes, including gradients, for men and women. You can find aviators, visors, rectangular shapes and cat eyes in the product line up. Whether you are looking for sunglasses or prescription eyewear, Versace has a pair of eyeglasses for you.