Ray Ban

When it comes to sexy shades, Ray-Ban is the name that first comes to mind.

Ray-Ban has been a leader in the sunglass industry since the brand was first introduced by Bausch & Lomb in 1937. Their signature Aviator style is worn all over the world and is responsible for the brands overwhelming popularity. 

The Aviator style does have its roots in the aviation industry. As the world was taking flight with more frequency during the 1930’s, pilots were complaining of the glare from the sun. The Army asked for help from Bausch & Lomb, who came up with a green lens that cut the glare but did not interfere with vision. These were a hit and brought the brand into the spotlight. 

Ray-Ban did not stop there. Just two years later they were introducing the “Outdoorsman” which featured a sweat bar to keep the eyes protected. Soon mirrored lenses came along that allowed for ultimate glare control on the upper half, and full view from the bottom. 

The innovations kept on coming. By the 1952’s the Wayfarer was introduced and made popular by movie stars like James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. This was when the green and gray lenses we are so used to today were first worn. 

James Dean was not the only star who had a hand in making Ray-Ban a household name. Peter Fonda wore the Olympian in Easy Rider and Clint Eastwood had the Balorama’s on in Magnum Force. Hollywood really kicked Ray-Ban into high gear having them important props in box office hits like The Blues Brothers, Risky Business and Top Gun. With Tom Cruise behind the iconic lenses, there was no stopping the brand from gaining further popularity. 

After a slight lag in sales during the ‘90’s, and Bausch & Lomb sold the brand to Luxottica. This helped revive Ray-Ban and bring it into the 21st century with its Never Hide campaign. Promising to be “sunglasses that place you at the center of attention beyond trends, transcending time and strongly customizing whoever wears them.” 

This promise is obvious in the latest models available with Ray-Ban. The Predator 2 is a perfect example of a 80 year old brand mastering modernity. Even classics like the Wayfarer have an upgraded look that still manage to make the wearer look as cool as Tom Cruise did. 

More importantly, Ray-Ban is still manipulating lens colors to provide ultimate protection for the eyes. Grays, browns, blacks and of course mirrors are all featured, making the frames that hold them pop out even more. 

You can never go wrong with Ray-Ban when you are looking for a way to look calm and cool while cutting down on the rays. Take a look for yourself and see why this brand has stood the test of time, and came back right on top again.